Beys house - small family museum

The most interesting place, which You must visit if You are coming in Ulcinj and in Old town, represents an famous "Bey's House", which represents a part of the hotel "Palata Venezia".



"Bey's House" represents an authentic copy of "Bey's House" which was in Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
As the "Bey's House" was destroyed, descendant of the family Resulbegovic, wanted to show to the all visitors a specific beauty and traditional since in reincarnation of living room, which was done as tailor-model of famous „Bey's House".


In the living room of „Bey's House" all visitors can relax and drink a coffee from the specific cups „fildzan" with sugar cubes. „Bey's House" is equipped with antique furniture and decorations which now can be seen only in museums (secija, jaglija, musandra - shelve, specious "bosca", "minderluk", copper "sahan"). It represents a place where are maintaining various cultural events and manifestations of different generation's age.


The original „Bey's House" was built in 1764, and it was burned on the end of 1992. Its architectural structure of oriental style, especially decorated interior and special wooden exhibits of the ancient period have made this house, "the ethnographic house" and the main attraction of Trebinje, in fact, all that in "Palata Venezia" represents "Bey's House" .


The original "Bey's house", because of its importance, was recorded in the book "Protected building heritage of Yugoslavia," and after World War II that building was added to the list of national monuments num.658 as the "good of the cultural, historical and national importance in Bosnia and Herzegovina ".


"Bey's House" opens the door throughout for all curious visitors! 

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