Old stone. Sea. In the city, but as far away for centuries. The Hotel's “Palata Venezia” venue could be the place where the Shakespearean drama, such as “Romeo and Juliet”, takes place. The narrow streets, passes and the stone through which the wind flies in the summer. This place has a long and extensive history. It's full of symbols. History encompasses and shapes it. The yard, swimming pool, restaurant, rooms, behind the stone walls is a blue endless sea.


In the summer you can lie down the pool, watching Alpine Swifts and Seagulls, like many other birds inhabiting Ulcinj and nesting in old walls.


According to some data, Ulcinj's Old town has more than 2000 years. It has a rich history and a lot of what is yet to be explored. In the 17th century, the famous Jewish preacher Sabatay Cvi lived here.


Centuries before this (as the city's legend claims) Ulcinj corsairs were here confiscated Miguel de Servantes Saavedra, a famous Spanish writer.


The Ulcinj people believe that Don Quixote's love was called Dulcinea because of what she was actually "a woman from Ulcinj, Ulcinj’s woman". In the "Palata Venezia" there is the Servantes bast, according to which the market itself was named.


Ulcinj Old Town is a living history.


Here, the metallic boots of Roman legionaries were carving the sparks from the stones. Here the ambassadors of the Republic of Venice sold silk.


And the present hotel "Palata Venezia" was the residence of the Venetian administrator. This is a special place on the Montenegrin coast, especially because they love and respect history and culture here.


In addition to Servantes's guests, in the "Palata Venezia" hotel is available Begova Kuca, where you can see how the representatives of Turkish aristocracy lived in Ulcinj a few centuries ago.


In the small square next to Servantes's memorial, exhibitions by local artists, concerts of classical music and local food festivals are held in summer.


To spend a holiday in such a place means to touch the true and authentic spirit of Ulcinj, where time is preserved in stone.


In order to improve comfort and quality of our services, last renovation of the hotel is still on.


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