Hotel "Palata Venezia" is pet’s friendly hotel.

The most attractive fact related with this practice is that birdwatchers can enjoy in acrobatics and characteristic whistles of Apus Apus and Alpine Swift in area of hotel "Palata Venezia" from the beginning of April until the end of September.

The hotel "Palata Venezia" represent a natural choice for stay of these Mediterranean symbols and we are glad that every year they solemnly announce the summer season by which the Mediterranean countries are recognized.

Due to the threat for survival because of loss of nests and reduced food availability, hotel "Palata Venezia" set up on roof special designed nest boxes. 




Those colonies are continuously returning just above the hotel "Palata Venezia" every year and use those boxes not only for nesting but and for the rest during their long migration.


Because of these facts, it is clear why these birds were found on the logo of our hotel.



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GPS COORDINATES: 41.92385 x 19.20194


Hotel “Palata Venezia” 
Address: Old town, 85360 Ulcinj, Montenegro, Europe
Mob: +382 (0)67 600 405 – Sales Department
Mob: +382 (0)67 387 357 – Hotel Manager
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